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We enable our clients to successfully harness the scope and power of the web world by providing custom PHP development services.
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PHP Overview

PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development. PHP application development is based on an open source and cross-platform language, and so it has one of the largest support communities. PHP powers the top three CMS engines: WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal and is used for building enterprise applications as well.
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In order to judiciously deploy custom PHP development services we use the most suitable PHP development framework in order to adeptly create websites or applications.


It is an open source PHP framework which can create complex web applications. It has a wide variety of features which help in developing high functioning applications. Laravel is useful in making dynamic web applications which operate effectively in an ever changing web environment.


As a PHP development company we use the most suitable framework to meet the diverse needs of our clients. CodeIgniter is the most suited framework for developing lightweight applications which can run conveniently on most servers. This framework has a very easy set up process and very smooth implementation.


This framework is amongst the oldest PHP frameworks and is suitable for developing enterprise applications. It is used for creating applications which use reusable PHP components and are compatible with almost all kinds of web designs and architecture.


This framework allows the user to create aesthetically appealing, feature driven applications. This framework is highly recommended for creating commercial web applications. This framework is very easy to install and is useful in creating elegant and appealing web applications.


This is a high performance and component driven PHP framework which is very useful in creating applications which utilize secure features. Examples include e commerce platforms. This is a very easy to install framework and hence it is widely used programming framework.


This framework is suitable for developing small scale web applications which do not involve a complex nature of back end operations. It is easy to install and implement and hence is recommended for creating impactful web applications.

PHP Services

As a PHP development company we offer custom PHP development service to help our clients in creating feature driven and impactful web applications which enable them to successfully harness the scope of the dynamic web environment.


PHP Website Development

As a custom PHP development company we create dynamic and impactful websites which are scalable and flexible at the same time.

PHP Application development

Bytezilla is a name to reckon with when we talk about responsive and cross platform web applications which are high functioning and feature driven.

PHP Web portal Development

We enable our clients to create the perfect business portals which enable them to serve their respective clients or end users in the most effective way.

ERP Development

We use PHP to help our clients make sense of the data by interpreting, managing and storing it judiciously. ERP (ENTERPRISE RESOUCE PLANNING) is an optimum way of achieving it.

CMS development

We offer a highly compatible content management system (CMS) which is based on PHP. It works efficiently with the every kind of business modules and requirements.

Website upgrading and maintenance

Since PHP works on an open source it is very convenient to update or maintain a website without incurring any additional expenditure for the same.

PHP Plugin Development

With the help of PHP plugins the functionality and utility of a system can be scaled effectively. It allows the user to greatly enhance the usage of the website or application without changing or tweaking its core system.

Custom Business Applications

Bytezilla is a highly recommended name when it comes to quality PHP Development Company in Canada. We use PHP to create dynamic business applications which are secure, feature drive and compatible with various web architectures.

PHP migration & hosting

The website and applications which are created using the PHP framework can be easily integrated with other applications in a very efficient and smooth manner. Through PHP framework the data and files can be easily migrated.

Custom ecommerce development

Bytezilla is highly capable of developing high functioning, cross platform storefronts which have a wide range of interactive features when it comes to designing and developing e commerce platforms. The PHP e commerce platforms are vibrant, dynamic and very effective in attracting customers.

Backend Development

PHP is the most recommended programming language when it comes to effective backend development. We create the most dynamic and high functioning back end operations for our clients in order to properly power their front end. Web applications written in PHP are supported by each and every hosting service.


We enable our clients to effectively use the PHP framework in order to create dynamic webs solutions which enable them to use software as a service. As a quality PHP development company we use the platform judiciously to deploy effective SAAS solutions. We develop for our clients an extensive platform that automates operations.

API Integration

The web applications which are created using PHP can be easily integrated with the existing web applications which are being used by the business.

PHP Application Enhancement

We enable our clients to create the perfect business portals which enable them to serve their respective clients or end users in the most effective way.

PHP Social Networking Sites

We use the most suitable PHP based platforms in order to develop feature driven, interactive and attractive social networking websites for our clients.

Why Choose Us ?

Technical Proficiency

Possessing sound command on PHP 7, HTML5, jQuery, CSS, MySQL AWS, & MongoDB, we can infuse the best-suited technology to every allotted project. This empowered us to handle easy to trickiest projects without any strain.

Explicit Approach

We map out a detailed steps for each and every project to sync well with the requirements. Through this, we’re able to deliver the results that are appreciated by our global clients.

Advanced Toolkit

Technology is constantly upgrading and PHP is greatly influenced by it. To cope with the changes, we make our toolbox highly adaptable to them and implement to our PHP development services immediately.

Coding Maestros

We’re equipped with the industry’s best talent. Our programming experts not only codes, but they take care of the project brilliantly, and make on-time delivery to the clients.

PHP Development Flow

Developing Prototypes

In order to create custom PHP development series for our clients we develop prototypes in order to see how the web application might look and feel to the end user.


Our team of expert PHP developers design an aesthetically appealing layout to attract and engage the end user.


After the desired prototypes have been selected and designed, our team uses its expert coding skills in order to develop high functioning website and applications.

Testing and final launch

After the development stage the website or application is put to various tests in order to ensure its seamless working. Once the testing is complete the website or application is ready for the final launch.

Why PHP?


Feature rich and practical website

One may own a website which is feature rich and used aptly for all practical purposes efficiently on PHP.

Fast Data processing

The processing speed is comparatively fast and web applications like Ecommerce, CRM, CMS, and etc., are developed easily.

Easy functioning

It is quick, efficient, and works well with any of the web browser and integrate with any server as well.

Compatible with all operating systems

It is platform independent and could be run on all major operating systems like Linux, UNIX, Mac OS and Windows

Easy to integrate with major web applications

Several web applications use PHP as it could be integrated easily with any of the existing applications used by businesses.

Reduces overall cost

PHP is an open source and requires no cost for even update and thus reduces the overall cost of the development phase.

AJAX and Flash Integration

PHP works well with Ajax and Flash and provides improved functionality and highly dynamic websites.

Secure and Stable interface

PHP based websites are search engine friendly, works seamlessly on all platforms with a secure and stable interface.

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I had a really great experience working with them – Prabhjyot & Rohit were terrific. They are talented and very professional, and were extremely patient with me! I would recommend them to whoever is looking for any sort of web projects, Be it large or small. With them, I’ve never had to worry about my business.

Raghav Choudhary


We’ve had an incredible experience working with these guys. On a communication basis, there has been constant communication. On a development and output basis, their project management flow is seamless. The end product with all delivery of products/services has been very well, and cost effective for us.

Daniel Ghebrihiwet


Prabhjyot and the team can remarkably connect and empathize with their clients, given their ability to see through the eyes of the user, understand their perspective, troubleshoot and be very forthcoming and prompt in presenting practical solutions, all toward ONE end – facilitating a spontaneous, effortless and delightful user experience.

S. Sachdeva

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