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WordPress provides a promising platform for companies to enter the web world and we, as a sought after wordpress development company, seamlessly make it happen. We provide custom wordpress development services to our clients to help them in successfully getting their foot in the door when it comes to entering the digital world. We are amongst the leading names when it comes to reputed wordpress development companies in Canada.
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WordPress Overview

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) which enables our client write, optimize and manage the content according to the needs and aspirations of their desired customers.

WordPress Services


Custom WordPress Plugin Development

We enable our customers to add on functional and relevant plug ins to their WordPress page in order to make their website more intuitive and inviting.

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Custom WordPress Extension Development

The client can either choose from the available repository of plug ins or we can help them creating new plug in developments from the scratch. As a WordPress development company, we are highly reliable.

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Custom WordPress Third-Party Plug-In

As a part of our WordPress development service we enable our clients to add third party plug ins to their wordpress page in order to increase their page’s functionality.

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Custom WordPress CMS Development

Since word press has an open source, we enable our clients to efficiently manage the content on their website through a CMS software. We are a reliable name when it comes to WordPress CMS development.

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WordPress Code Conversion Services

We thrive on developing and customizing WordPress to meet the complexities of your design and demands, so you can worry about marketing while we get to work on building the website.

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WordPress Design Services

As a competent WordPress development company, we let our clients avail our top of the line design and development services in order to help
them in scaling their businesses.

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WordPress Maintenance & Support Services

We provide consistent maintenance and support
services to our clients in order to help them maintain effective websites through our
cutting edge WordPress development services.

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PSD To WordPress Conversion Services

We provide custom WordPress development services which enable our clients to convert PSD designs into high functioning wordpress websites.

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Custom WordPress Theme

Through our custom WordPress development services we enable our clients to have unique themes in order to make their websites more inviting to the customers.

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WordPress Development Process

list_alt Step 1

The planning phase

WordPress is a content management system. In order do our job in the best way possible, we make it a point to have planning and brainstorming sessions with our clients and the team. This puts into a clear perspective the outline of the expectations from the wordpress development process.

search Step 2

The research phase

After a clear outline of the requirements is prepared, our team of competent wordpress developers start researching about the theme and the quality of material that can be displayed on the website.

brush Step 3


Keeping in mind the customer expectations our design team curates the most interactive and suitable layout to impart maximum value to the look and feel of the website.

code Step 4


After the layout has been decided, we create a very dynamic and a high functioning architecture for our client’s website using the latest wordpress development tools and applications.

flight_takeoff Step 5

Final launch

After the website has been created to serve our clients in the most optimum manner, we then launch it on pre determined platforms to make the website far reaching and more visible.

trending_up Step 6

Follow up and maintenance

After the final deployment, we undertake regular follow ups to ensure a seamless and efficient working.

Why Choose Us ?

One of the top features of WordPress is its usability. Due to its ease of use, this platform helps in easier website management of businesses of all sizes. The design is pretty simple and no coding is required which makes addition of pages, blog posts, new product, images and content editing easier than ever. WordPress is powering approximately 25% of world websites and this number is quickly growing each day. With this best Content Management System, it becomes really easy for businesses to grow online.

With customized themes and plug-ins, you can easily utilize your vision and ideas to develop the perfect website design that meets all your needs and represents your brand flawlessly. Because of its support for over 120 different languages, WordPress is used to create a huge variety of websites for varied business nature & different countries. Personalized & customized websites can help your audiences engaged and attract new ones by integrating a blog into your website to keep sharing latest trends & services.

The websites created using WordPress are SEO friendly because of their precise code and search engine optimized structure. With WordPress, your business website can be totally SEO optimized and indexed to show its content in the top search results of search engines like Google and Bing. Every page of your business website can be made keyword rich by using title tags, Meta descriptions and other relevant content which ensure a great amount of traffic, enhanced lead conversion and thus improved business sales.

Keeping your business up-to date with latest technologies and making people aware of that through content can really be a great promotional strategy for you. Being SEO Friendly, WordPress websites act as a medium to promote your brand status by delivering, engaging and useful content to your potential customers. Addition of blogs, discussion pages, comment section and response forms, make your website more interactive and thus let people explore more and share more.

With the exponential increase in number of people that use internet on mobile, it has become mandatory to develop a responsive website. According to a survey, the number of internet users on mobile device have become more than the desktop internet users. WordPress can be used to develop the best mobile optimized websites for your business that helps a lot in your brand’s online promotion & mobile friendly website rank higher in Google rankings even.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is software development?

Software development is the technologically and creatively driven technique of
conceiving and then successfully deploying strategies to create high functioning web
frameworks, websites and applications in order to enable the user to digitally transform
or scale their business ideas.

What is SDLC?

Software development life cycle is the process through which software development
companies design, develop and deploy holistic and high functioning softwares. The five
phases of SDLC are namely planning, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance.

What are the various types of software development?

Bytezilla specializes in developing various kinds of softwares like

  • Web development
  • Data science
  • Mobile development
  • Software development
  • Application development
  • Cloud computing
  • Security software development
  • Back end development

Client Stories


I had a really great experience working with them – Prabhjyot & Rohit were terrific. They are talented and very professional, and were extremely patient with me! I would recommend them to whoever is looking for any sort of web projects, Be it large or small. With them, I’ve never had to worry about my business.

Raghav Choudhary


We’ve had an incredible experience working with these guys. On a communication basis, there has been constant communication. On a development and output basis, their project management flow is seamless. The end product with all delivery of products/services has been very well, and cost effective for us.

Daniel Ghebrihiwet


Prabhjyot and the team can remarkably connect and empathize with their clients, given their ability to see through the eyes of the user, understand their perspective, troubleshoot and be very forthcoming and prompt in presenting practical solutions, all toward ONE end – facilitating a spontaneous, effortless and delightful user experience.

S. Sachdeva

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