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Make your first impression count, with Bytezilla’s interactive and holistic web design services.

Make your first impression count, with Bytezilla’s interactive and holistic web design services.

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We are a leading web design agency in Canada and our cutting edge design techniques have earned us a formidable position in the web world. If you are looking to change the look and feel of your company’s web presence, we are the web design company that you are looking for.



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Our Work Process

While undertaking the web design process we pay absolute attention towards client involvement and most importantly client satisfaction. Web designing is a highly customized process and hence we try to keep each stage of the process as open and interactive as possible. Below mentioned is an outline of the process we follow during the web designing process. As a highly sought after web designing agency we pay categorical attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Identification of the customer needs

We hold multiple meetings or telephonic conversations with the client in order to get a clear picture of what the client has in his mind. The fulfilment of customer’s aspirations and expectations from the web design process is very important for us.

Outlining the scope

Once the requirements are articulated we move on to the next phase of the web design process. The frame work for the web design is created so that the rest of the process can be set in motion. At this stage, details like, number of pages, graphic details, time lines etc. are decided. Outlining of scope is very important as the goals of the client have to be condensed into clear budget and time frames.

Wire framing

After the scope is clear the next step is to inter link the expectations from the web design with the decided scope of the same. At this step, the web design takes shape and there is a clearer understanding of how the website shall look like. This step lays down the foundation of the website. It outlines the architecture and content relation that shall come into the picture upon web design’s completion. We use various tools and techniques for creating an interactive wire frame of the website. As a leading web design company, we use the best in class technology to complete our web design process.


After the Wire framing the most important step of the web design and development process is put into motion. Engaging content that shall aid in boosting the visibility of the website is created. Our main focus while creating content during the web development process is that the entire content encompassing the website should be SEO friendly. Visibility of the website is very important beyond which the main aim of the content and graphics is to attract and retain customers when they visit the website.

Graphics and designing

After desired content is created, our web design team creates a static or dynamic web design according to the needs and aspirations of the client. This is a very important stage of the web development process as interactive web designing is very important for the success of any website.

Beta version of the website

After the content and graphics are put in the beta version of the website is created for testing. Everything is checked and tested before the website’s final launch. The web design process is incomplete without thorough testing.


Once the website passes all the tests, it is finally ready for the official launch. After all the reviews are completed, the website is launched. But this is not the final step. After the website is launched, customer feedback is taken so as to address anything that might need attention. This is a very important step in the web design process.

Follow up

Anything that might need attention is taken care of at this stage. Broken links, content up gradation or any other back end modification is taken care of at this stage. Continuous follow up is imperative for a successful deployment of an intuitive web design.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to design my website?

The time taken to design a website depends upon the nature of the website. Since there are numerous kinds of web designing techniques available, the time taken to curate and deploy the most efficient mix of services depends upon the client’s needs and requirements. You can reach out to us through email to have a clear time specification for your project.

How much does web design cost?

The cost of the web designing project depends upon the budget specifications put in place by the client or the nature of the website or application which is being developed and designed. You can always get in touch with us to have a clear cost specification laid out for you depending upon the nature of specifications.

I already have a website. Can you redesign it?

Yes, we can re design an already existing website. You can contact us through email and we shall have a staff member contact you to discuss the details of your project.

What are the non functional areas that you consider
  • Reliability: While putting together the web design services for our clients we make sure that the solutions work in a seamless manner. The reliability of the deployed design is important to us.
  • Recoverability: The web design process thus put in place should be able to recover itself in case of system failure. This parameter is also very important to us.
  • Availability: We check the degree of dependability that the user can expect while using the web design solution which has been created. This parameter decides the extent of functionality that the user can derive from the web design.
  • Performance scaling: We check the increase in the extent of impact that the customer’s business is able to generate by using the web design which has been put together by us. An increase in productivity and efficiency is always our desired output.

Client Stories


I had a really great experience working with them – Prabhjyot & Rohit were terrific. They are talented and very professional, and were extremely patient with me! I would recommend them to whoever is looking for any sort of web projects, Be it large or small. With them, I’ve never had to worry about my business.

Raghav Choudhary


We’ve had an incredible experience working with these guys. On a communication basis, there has been constant communication. On a development and output basis, their project management flow is seamless. The end product with all delivery of products/services has been very well, and cost effective for us.

Daniel Ghebrihiwet


Prabhjyot and the team can remarkably connect and empathize with their clients, given their ability to see through the eyes of the user, understand their perspective, troubleshoot and be very forthcoming and prompt in presenting practical solutions, all toward ONE end – facilitating a spontaneous, effortless and delightful user experience.

S. Sachdeva

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